Ermyn House On and off-line marketing material

Sales and marketing deliverables for the UK campus of ExxonMobil.

As part of the sales and marketing process we were asked to create a brand for newly named Ermyn House, to provide a stand-alone identity for the campus during the marketing process. The resulting identity takes inspiration from the strong lines of the building’s exterior to form the structure of the logomark.

This proved so successful; the brand has since been adopted as the building’s main identity and flowed through the entire campus.

Commissioned high level, drone, ground and internal photography showcase the sales opportunity to maximum effect- all culminating in a premium print, layflat brochure. This was also available via our online marketing platform to permit interested parties access to legal, planning and technical documents.

  • Deliverables
  • Branding
  • High level aerial and drone photography
  • Ground and internal photography
  • Brochure design and print
  • Online data room